Workshop – Long Exposure


This unique workshop will teach you how to make stunning images using long-exposure settings. The workshop is one of the very rare workshops available in Canada that teaches you the style of shooting by photographers like Michael Kenna, Joseph Hoflehner, Michael Levin, Michel Rajkovic……

This workshop is my English Version of my popular workhop in Europe, especially in Hamburg/Germany. This workshop has been designed to take full advantage of the amazing natural and urban landscapes of the cities we live in. We’ll be shooting all around the area, pushing the limits of these techniques to its creative maximum. Through exercises in the field, you will refine your photographic vision and set out on the way to get more creative in your picture taken process.

Digital camera equipment, or film in any format can be used. I personally recommend digital camera gear because of the WYSIWYG Experience 🙂

Anyone who has ever tried to use long exposure techniques will quickly recognize that it is not only about the technical part, it’s more an emotional and visionary one. Where and how do you find suitable subjects, and what approach do you use to photograph them? What techniques do you employ to turn everyday subjects into stunning pieces of photographic art?

Ronny is an international award-winning photography, Author and workshop leader. His photographs has been published in photo publications around the world.

Learn to shoot modern and historical architecture and process your images in the Fine Art style from Ronny Behnert – Award-winning Fine Art Photographer, whose works has been published in numerous photo publications around the world.

Recommended Camera Equipment:

  • A Digital SLR camera with interchangeable lens capability that can shoot in RAW
  • Lenses to cover a range from wide angle to standard (I prefer wide or ultra wide angle)
  • A sturdy tripod capable of supporting your camera and lens combinations
  • A cable release or remote control
  • Neutral density filters (ND-Filter) that reaches a total of 10 stops or more.

Language: English or German (depends on the City and Students)
Duration: 7 – 8 hours
Max. participants: 6
City: Hamburg (SOLD OUT ) and MUNICH

Showcase - Las Vegas - 665 - USA 2013 Bay Bridge - San Francisco
Downtown - NYC Yellow Cab


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