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Large Format Photography is often known as picture-taken tool for professionals but in my opinion everybody can learn everthing. Some faster, some slower, some better and some not so good. Lukily we all have a brain which has enough capacity to learn new things. Especially in Photography – Wohoooo and that’s the reason why you are reading this description about my large format photography workshop.

The workshop is focusing on black and white landscape and architectural photography. Why, because that’s the most fun. I don’t want to sit in a studio and take some portraits…You??  Anyway the workshop is divided into three parts. Part one is the theoretical part, Part two is the “we are having fun and picture taken part”. The last one is the film development but in a really simple way. You’ll see…

My past workshops students, facebook fans, blog readers know my style of photography. You probably as well, otherwise you won’t be here. Well, I also have my own style teaching and my own way to archive my large format pictures. That means I will show you how to take pictures like me. I am not a fan of generalizing things – especially not workshops. The are jus to many different ways to do that!

I will show from the very beginning (how to load a film) until a very convenient, simple way to develope your own black and white images with only one chemical process. Saves you not only time but also you on’t have to read complicated film devloping charts.  At the completion of this intensive one-day workshop, you will be able to efficiently and confidently compose, focus, meter, and expose your own large format photographs. NO PREVIOUS LARGE FORMAT EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!

A short workshop overview

  • Large Format Cameras and their how the work
  • What kind of Film is available and can I use it for all my work
  • Lenses, Lenses and Lenses
  • Camera Movements
  • How to meter
  • How to focus
  • Why do I need a blackjacket
  • What if when I spill coffee over my camera…

Alle these questions and topics will be answered and more…

Large Format Equipment – Yes, you need some equipment take part on that curse. I might be able to provide two cameras but for sure not for everyone.

  • Large Format Camera 4×5 and up
  • Filmholder with B&W Film – You also can use color negativ or slides but I won’t be able to show you the developing process.
  • At least one lens – maybe two. I recommend a wide angle lens
  • A good tripod with a stable head.
  • Exposure Meter or iPhone (Android is ok tooo)

Of course I also provide some things. You will get the whole Darkroom package to develope your own black and white film. That equipment is part of the workshop and you can take it home after the course. The Equipment has a value of more than 250 dollar and it is included in the workshop fee.

Language: English or German (depends on the City and Students)
Duration: full day
Max. participants: 4

The workshop is limited to 4 people for a better and more profound learning curve.

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