What are your rates?

Prices for weddings or commerical work depending on location and availability. Contact me using the Contact page for full pricing sheets.

If you shoot my wedding, do you have any limits on coverage time on the wedding day?

I don’t have any limits on photos taken. It all depends on you. I am yours for the whole wedding day.

Where will you travel?

Anywhere in the world. I am based in Canada, so possibilities are endless.

How do we book & pay?

After we setup a meeting in person or phone call you’ll receive the contract and make the deposit and final payment via credit card. I also take checks if you prefer.

How many photos do we get?

usually your get something between 200 and 400 pictures.

Are all of our photos edited?

Yes, absolutely and there is no exclusion.

Do you provide a print and distribution release

Yes, you can print them anywhere you want. You can also post them in your social media channels. I also provide prints if you like them professional done

What do we get in our online gallery

Fully processed, edited, and downloadable printable high resolution jpeg images

Do you take wedding day family group portraits

Of course.

Can my uncle take photos during my wedding

Sure, he can as long as he is in the backround.

What equipment do you use?

Well, I am using digital and analogue equipment.



Why should I buy a print from you?

Well, I don’t know but if you do you won’t regret it. All pictures are custom made for you!

What kind of units do you use for your measurements?

For my dear northamerican customers the sizes are given in inches and for my friends in Europe they are given in centimeters.

What is the currency of your prices?

The prices on this website are in US-Dollar.

What kind of payment do you accept?

You can either pay using your PayPal account or a credit card. If you in town you can also pay in cash or cheque if you want. Would love you to meet my customer in person.

Do you print the pictures on your own?

Yes, but it depends on the print method and size. I can print up to 17inches wide.

What’s your print method?

Well, I use different typs for printing my pictures. A lightjet exposer for my RESIN Prints – That means this digital print is the same as a conventional photographic print, in that the paper is exposed to light and then chemically processed. A lightjet exposer produces the best “Exposed Print” on the market due to its use of lasers instead of light bulbs or LEDs (Lambda Print). It produces 36bit or 68 billion colours instead of 16,7 million colours for normal printers. Lightjet exposures results in smoother gradients, and increased highlight and shadow details.

Depending on the the subject, edition and size I also use a conventional digital ink print for my Fine Art Prints on special paper like Hahnemühle etc… These prints are highly water resitant and produce due to it’s matt finish a smooth and shimmery look. Don’t hesitate to contact me before you order a print.

What kind of paper do you use?

All my pictures are printed on premium, acid-free archival or fine art paper which is rated for up 100 years under normal display conditions. That means the picture should either be placed under glass, better UV-glass (also acrylic) or museums glass and out of direct sunlight.

What are the differences between Open, Limited and RESIN EDITION?

Open Editions are the less expensive way to buy a print from my collection .They are also signed but not numberd like the Limited Edition. If you buy a Limited Edition your picture will be exclusivly limited to a certain number of copies. If the last copy is sold, there will be no chance for anyone else to get this print in this special size anymore. That means you own a distinctive piece of art which are only a few other people have.

If you don’t wanna look for frames, glass, matboard etc.. but still want to have something special, maybe my RESIN Edition is the right presentation for you. In this case the picture will be exposed on photographic paper laminated on wood under a speacial coating. There is no need for a frame but if you wish you can place it in a floating frame for an even better presentation.

Do you offer framed pictures as well?

Yes, I also offer framed artwork as well extra frames for my prints. My pictures will all be framed by me personally to ensure my highest quality standard. Depending on the size of the printed image I’ll recommend thinner and thicker but very simple looking black or white frames. I use only acid-free materials and UV-Glass for protecting the print against direkt sunlight.

If you have some questions concering framing etc.. don’t hesitate to contact me!

Do you offer prints on canvas?

No, sorry folks… Printing on canvas is like having christmas dinner on the 26th of December. I will never ever do this…. Even if you will give a million dollars to print it for you!!!

Do you sign your prints?

Yes, all my prints are signed on the back on a special label. Limited Editions are also numbered and come with a Certificate of Authenciticy.

What are your order, delivery times and destinations?

All my pictures will be printed on demand. Therefor I need some time to produce it. It also depends on the printmethod and size, but usually shipped within 5-10 business days of receiving the payment. It sometimes might take a little bit longer because I only want the best product for you. If I am not satisfied with the result, I will order a second one. It also can take a little longer because your have ordered a very custom made picture.

I will ship worldwide!

How much are customs fees, duties and taxes?

Please note that you are responsible for all international customs and duty fees. These are in addition to, and not included in, the cost of shipping and are incurred at the time of delivery. I am not able to calculate how much these fees might be, should they occur. Usually customs charge depending on the county, VAT, Mwst etc…You can ask your customs agency for more information and assistance. Returns will not be accepted due to customs fees.

My Package is lost or damaged.

It’s a rare occurance that packages are taking longer than usual time to arrive. However, it may happen from time to time. A package will be considered lost if you have not received it within 4 weeks (for packages to Canada), 6 weeks (for packages to the US) or 8 weeks (for international packages). I will replace lost packages at no charge after the specified amount of time has passed.

Tracking is available only if one of the following shipping options was used:

XpressPost shipping to Canada.
Expedited or XpressPost shipping from Canada to the US
XpressPost shipping from Canada to International addresses
USPS Priority Mail delivery confirmation for unsigned prints shipped from the US to US addresses
Fedex Next Day delivery for unsigned prints shipped from the US to US addresses

If your order is damaged during delivery, please take a picture of the damage and send it to my mail address.

What are your Return and Exhange policies?

Well, first of all I am hopping you really happy with your purchase but if you aren’t satisified for any reason. I will eihther exchange your product or refund your money (minus shipping costs) up to 14 days after you have received your order. You will be responsible for returning your purchase in their original condition as well as the return shipping costs.

Be aware that all prints are custom made and for larger prints, limited and special editions I only can refund 50 percent of the purchase price. The reason ist, there are extremely expensive to produce.

Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

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