My Book – Long Exposure and Night Photography

Mein Buch

There it is… my book about long exposure and night photography. So far, it is only available in German, but I am also trying to publish an English version of it. As you probably imagine, this will take me some time.

The book is not only about long exposure and night photography. On nearly 270 pages divided into 12 chapters I describe my personal workflow to take this kind of pictures. It starts with the right equipment and ends with the post-processing in lightroom or photoshop. For me long exposures are more than the typical 30 seconds exposure time. When you vary the time you can create exceptional and breathtaking images.


  • Long exposure
  • Equipment
  • Camera settings
  • How to take long exposures
  • Themes for long exposure
  • Night photography
  • What is important
  • How to take breathtaking night shots
  • Themes for night photography
  • Composition and presentation
  • Post-processing in lightroom and photoshop

If you are interested in an future english version of this book – don’t hesitate to contact me. If you want the German Version, you can buy it from  – Take a look in my Store

Langzeitbelichtung und Nachtfotografie (Long exposure and night photography)
Ronny Ritschel
ISBN: 978-3-8266-9210-9
264 pages
€ 34,95 [German] Available in Germany, Austria, Schwitzerland and Italia.